Friday, August 3, 2012

Wow...I need to update!

I have been totally remiss about keeping up with my blog and I have no idea how the time has gotten away from me! I went for another Sulky Licensing February 2012 in Florida and had a wonderful time with my BFF Mariana Cary and our very talented instructor for Sulky, Ellen Osten.

The last week in April I made another trip to Huntsville, Alabama for Martha Pullen's Heirloom Quilting Licensing. As always, this was a fabulous trip and I love the southern hospitality!

The beginning of May through July 31 I attended online Jenny Haskins Licensing classes and worked very hard to finish all the required projects plus a few extras. My time was cut short the end of June with being hospitalized with pneumonia. I have no idea how I caught it and it has taken a good 5 weeks to get over it! 

I will begin Jenny Haskins Quilt Licensing on September 1 and I also hope to go fishing and motorhome traveling to the Pacific Northwest!

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